New Year’s Eve Boat Hire

Each New Year’s Eve we mark the New Year with a special celebration filled with excitement, family and friends.

There is no better place to mark this moment than in Sydney Harbour – the New Year’s Eve capital of the world. Sydney Harbour holds some of the worlds best fireworks every year. With millions of dollars and vast amounts of preparation time spent into making these fireworks world renowned, it is only fitting to experience such a spectacular performance in absolute style and luxury.

This year be different and splash out. Treat your friends, family and closest colleagues with a night out on a luxury motor vessel with the best food, the best views and the best service.

If you’re a Sydney-sider and have not yet experienced the greatness that is the Sydney Harbour fireworks, you are missing out on one of the most spectacular events of the year.

A sensational New Year’s Eve on the waters of the Sydney Harbour can only be successfully achieved if you book with Sydney Harbour Yacht Charter. New Year’s Eve is certainly not the night to hold back, so why not put your dancing shoes on and prepare to be enlivened and entertained by our professional crew that enjoy this fabulous night out as much as you.

Both MV A.Q.A Sydney and MV State of the Art have first class reserved positions so that your view of the Harbour Bridge and city skyline is uninterrupted.

With an outstanding wine list, renowned catering and a professional crew, your experience aboard either of Sydney Harbour Yacht Charter’s vessels will make the very best beginning to the year!