Our Team

Katie O’Donoghue

Katie joined SHYC in 2023 and was quickly recognised as one of Sydney Harbours leading event specialist. As a certified relationship coach and seasoned event management professional, Katie places a strong focus on relationship building and customer service, is highly dedicated to her clients and is widely known as a perfectionist in the event planning arena.

Katie’s educational background includes a degree in economics and psychology, which further enriches her ability to understand her clients needs and cater to their specific requirements and regulars. Her passion lies in creating unique, highly memorable and unforgettable events that reflect her clients vision and aspirations as she excels in developing and executing flawlessly tailored experiences.

Partner with Katie to craft a truly bespoke event that leaves a lasting impression and fulfil your every expectation. Your journey with SHYC will be in the most capable hands with her leading the way. Let’s bring your event to life together!

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M: 0405 511 850

Nat Gordon

As a born and bred Sydneysider, Nat has a natural passion for the water. So much so, she has lived on Sydney Harbour (in the Finger Wharf, Woolloomooloo) for over 7 years, owning several boats. It stands to reason that Nat became the perfect fit to work with our clients to curate a personalised and memorable experience on the water.

Nat’s professional background came from owning a boutique Real Estate agency in the Eastern Suburbs for nearly 20 years, selling, leasing and managing luxury assets. After selling the business in 2017, Nat became the Brand and Marketing Manager, then General Manager for a national franchise business in the construction industry. Amongst her achievements was an enormous uptick in customer satisfaction and experience, boosting online review scores from 2.1 stars to 4.3 stars, implementing new communication platforms and processes to best serve customers of the business, and bringing new product ranges to market based on consumer feedback.

Nat’s client-focused expertise brings a unique advantage to our clients, with her talent for anticipating customer needs, and an innate understanding of the requirements of high-end individuals and corporate clientele. Nat is also an accomplished stylist, giving our clients the assurance that their event will look exactly as they had imagined.

Team up with Nat and the crew at SHYC to design a customised experience for your event, creating moments you will remember forever.

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M: 0414 597 123

Nicci Foulsham

Meet Nicci, a seasoned professional in the senior management and sales luxury tourism sector with extensive experience spanning the UK, Europe, Tahiti, Fiji, and Australasia.

Her passion for ocean swimming and love for experiential travel have taken her on remarkable journeys around the world. A true people-person, Nicci thrives on engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds and interests.

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M: 0426 246 007

Freya Buckle

My name is Freya Buckle, and my journey began amidst the idyllic shores of Bronte in the Eastern Suburbs. These days, I call Manly home (a big move across the harbour for love), a place where the harmonious blend of beaches and the tranquil harbour has woven its way into the fabric of my life. From the magical sands of Bronte to the vibrant energy of Manly’s community, the sea’s allure has remained a constant presence in my life. This lifelong connection to the water serves as the centre of my passion for designing extraordinary events on the water that encapsulate the very essence of Sydney’s harbour.

As a mother, my appreciation for forging meaningful connections has deepened. My background in nurturing young minds has seamlessly transitioned into nurturing relationships and fostering an environment where people can truly unwind and connect. My path led me from the realm of education to the world of yachting, where I now stand as the owner and director of Sydney Harbour Yacht Charters. As the Director of Events, my heart finds its place in orchestrating remarkable experiences for our cherished guests, building relationships that last a lifetime. To me it is more than just organising events—it’s about curating moments that etch themselves into the tapestry of memories. My favourite thing to hear is “that was one of the best days of my life!” What a way to spend my days!

Every occasion, whether it’s a corporate gathering or an intimate celebration, becomes an opportunity for me to express my unwavering commitment to excellence. I’m an advocate for harmonising breathtaking views of our magnificent Harbour with sumptuous cuisine and the perfect melodies, creating an ambiance that resonates with the soul. Each event transforms into a canvas, alive with flavours, music and emotions, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who partake in the experience.

What truly amplifies the richness of my journey is the exceptional team that stands beside me. Together, we share an unyielding love for our coastal home and a collective vision for crafting exceptional experiences. Their dedication and enthusiasm fuel our commitment to setting sail on new horizons, exploring uncharted waters of creativity and innovation.

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M: 0409 224 739