2019 Spring-Summer Buffet Menus

The Complete Buffet Menu Selection for MV AQA Sydney & MV State of the Art

Gold items

Kale, herbed quinoa
extra virgin olive oil, vinaigrette, toasted seeds (v) (vgn)

Charred asparagus
parmesan, prosciutto, balsamic (v) (gf)

Sydney Rock Oysters 
assorted seasonal dressings (s)

Roasted duck fat chat potatoes
rosemary, garlic (v) (gf)

Shaved peaches, wild rocket
honey vinaigrette, goats curd (gf) (v)

Chargrilled broccolini
brown butter, toasted almonds

Charred corn, cherry tomato
wild rocket, avocado, paprika & lime (gf) (v)

Toasted cauliflower, rocket, turmeric
pickled onions & sunflower seeds (gf) (v)

Lentil, beetroot & goats cheese salad
balsamic vinaigrette (gf) (v)

Blanched local beans, black sesame
citrus, chive vinaigrette (v) (gf) (vgn)

Chat potato
honey mustard mayonnaise, spring onion (v) (gf)

Jamon Serrano
shaved fennel, citrus, aioli (gf)

Rosemary mushroom tartlet
parmesan (v)

Market best prawns
Boardwalk signature cocktail sauce (s) (gf)

Platinum items

Marinated chicken thigh
confit garlic (gf)

Crispy skin duck breast
pomegranate, cauliflower puree (gf)

Twice cooked pork belly
spiced apple chutney, crackling (gf)

Portuguese style chicken breast
grilled lime (gf)

8-hour slow cooked lamb shoulder
chermoula (gf)

Banana prawns
garlic-parsley butter

Baked Tasmanian salmon
fennel, orange, dill (s) (gf)

Gold Band snapper
young basil, herb oil (s) (gf)

South Coast Blue Eye Trevalla
carrot puree, shaved carrots (s) (gf)

Diamond items

Riverina lamb back-strap
fresh gremolata, macadamia crumb

Riverina grain fed beef fillet
red wine jus (gf)

Dessert items

mini apple crumble tartlet (v)

meringue nest, compote, freeze dried raspberries (v) (gf)

warm chocolate brownie, salted caramel (v)

watermelon, grape & strawberry brochettes (gf) (v) (vgn)

lemon curd tartlet, torched meringue, gold leaf (v)

bite size macarons (v)

chocolate dipped mini gelato cones (v)

milk chocolate & salted caramel tartlet, crystallised edible flowers (v)

Photo gallery

Below is a sample of the buffet selection for MV AQA Sydney and MV State of the Art Sydney. If you have any questions or would like more images of a particular area of the vessel get in touch.